Ricky Dillon Spills On Unfollowing James Charles, His ‘Feud’ With JennxPenn, & Defining His Sexuality

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Even people who don’t follow YouTubers know who Ricky Dillon is. The 27-year-old social media star has over eight million followers combined on YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram, and pretty much all of his YouTube videos blow up ever since his 2013 vid “Exposing My Parents to the Internet” went viral. He went on to tour with a group of YouTubers called Our2ndLife AKA O2L, which included Kian Lawley and JC Caylen, but now he’s kind of just doing his own thing — and still killing it.

the whisp got to sit down with Ricky at Vidcon 2019 and we got all the YouTuber community tea during our chat — like why he unfollowed James Charles earlier this year, his so-called feud with Jenn McAllister and figuring out how to define his sexuality. Plus, he even answered some fan questions!

Anyone who was using Twitter in May 2019 remembers the James Charles backlash that took place after Tati Westbrook uploaded a video accusing her former friend of “[trying] to trick a straight man into thinking he’s gay” and playing victim when he “manipule[d] someone’s sexuality.” She also accused him of leaking gossip to the press saying her “receipts are stacked thick.” In the aftermath, several social media influencers and celebrities unfollowed the beauty guru in solidarity with the people Tati claimed he manipulated. Insider reported Ricky Dillon was one of those influencers.

“I did [unfollow him]. But after his video clearing everything up, I refollowed him. I believe him and he made a lot of good points. That was a crazy mess. I tried not to get involved in it, but I think his video clearing everything up made it all good, in my opinion.”

He continued, “The original video from Tati was just really shocking and eye-opening, but then the stuff that was eye-opening wasn’t even right or true. I try to stay out of that kind of stuff but it was a lot.”

Ricky has, for the most part, stayed out of social media scandals like the one that James found himself in. But he attributes part of that luck to being “a good person” and not getting famous until he was older.

“I’m not saying that people who have scandals aren’t good people but I don’t know, I’m just myself and it works out… I’m trying to be a good role model because I do have eyes on me. So I try to lead a good example,” he said. “If I had a Twitter when I was 12, I would have scandals. I was an idiot back then, but you know, everyone grew up… I feel like the younger kids and stars getting big when they’re 14, that’s a problem. They have tweets from two years ago and it’s a scandal.”

There was just one time where Ricky found himself the subject of a tea-spilling video — and it was a video uploaded by his friend Jenn McAllister. And it wasn’t even legit!

We spoke to Jenn about the drama videos, who said, “You should ask Ricky about the drama we had… You would be so surprised, we thought it was pretty obvious that it was fake; it was satire! We thought there were a lot of clues that like you know would insinuate that it’s fake. I mean our whole goal with making those videos were kind of to make fun of the whole like ‘Scandal Culture’ on YouTube, and how people are so quick to like sit on the internet and, you know, air out all their dirty laundry about a private situation. So that was like our goal with the videos and we did crazy stuff like that to make it obvious [what we were doing]. But you’d be so surprised not only how many fans didn’t realize it was fake but also people in the industry.”

Ricky piggy-backed off of what Jenn said. “It was a clear joke, we thought. But people really believed [we hated each other] and it was wild. So then we had to make a video saying it was fake afterward.”

“They were uploaded the exact same minute and people thought mine was a response to hers! Like, check the timestamp,” Ricky explained.

Another pair of videos that Ricky made that have gotten a lot of attention were two in which he discusses his sexuality. In the first one, uploaded in 2013, he said he identified with being “asexual” the most, but then he uploaded another this year titled, “My coming out video was a lie.”


When we spoke to Ricky about the video, he said, “I’ve learned more about myself than I knew during the original video, which was three years ago … I never said [in that one] that I’m asexual. I just said I identify with that the most. At the time, that was my truth … but I’m still figuring it out and I don’t want to identify as something I’m not. I think that’s normal, I think people have stepping stones or realizations about themselves, but it’s confusing and I’m working on it.”

Of course, we couldn’t talk to Ricky at Vidcon without asking fans for input — the whole convention is organized around helping fans come face-to-face with their favorite internet celebrities. We chose a few of our favorite questions that fans sent in and Ricky was happy to answer them. After all, he told us that meeting fans was his favorite part of Vidcon!

RICKY DILLON: Yes! I want to be on it so bad. Anyone who works on Escape The Night, hello, I would like to be on Escape the Night. I’ll be any character; I love it, I think it’s such a good idea.

RICKY DILLON: I’m a huge fan of stuff myself. I want to be Ariana Grande‘s best friend. I have [met her]. It was cute, we got a photo.

RICKY DILLON: I have one in mind – it’s kind of sad. Not to dampen the mood but I had a best friend growing up who sadly passed away and we were both obsessed with Pokemon — I still am. He was my childhood Pokemon friend and so I want to get a Pokemon tattoo for him. His favorite was Butterfree — it’s like a butterfly. I want to get that somewhere, but I don’t know where yet.”

Awww. We love him.

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