Vanessa & Veronica Merrell Talk ‘Twin My Heart’ Lessons Learned, Clout-Chasers, & Insecurities

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YouTube stars’ reality TV shows are all the rage at the moment — we have YouTube’s version of The Challenge, Kian Lawley and JC Caylen‘s The Reality House and now we have the Merrell TwinsThe Bachelorette-esque series, Twin My Heart on AwesomenessTV’s YouTube channel.

Season one followed Veronica Merrell playing the Chris Harrison role as she tried to put her twin sister, Vanessa Merrell, in ideal situations to pick the man of her dreams. the whisp got to catch up with the girls to hear all about season two of the dating show and the lessons they’ve learned along the way.

“The plan for Twin my Heart started as me finding my twin sister love,” Veronica explained, mentioning that they were inspired by MTV’s A Double Shot At Love. “So, I was the one who helped to set up all the dates, and I helped find the guys for the first season.”

But the second season has a twist. Neither of the Merrell twins were looking for love — they were playing cupid. “For a second season, obviously I didn’t want to find love, so we decided to find love for our best friends, Franny and Nezza,” said Veronica. “Vanessa and I helped decide all the dates to help Franny and Nezza really figure out the guys and it’s been a really crazy journey.”


“Crazy journey” is an understatement. But surprisingly, one of the biggest dramatic moments during the second season of Twin My Heart wound up being one of the best learning experiences for the four reality stars, but also for the viewers at home.

On the March 12 episode, “My Best Friends Exposed Me,” JC Caylen and Kian Lawley, coincidentally, along with some other guy-friends, come to the Twin My Heart house to grill the guys. Corey La Barrie, who had heard about one of the contestants, Tage, going for Nezza before he and Franny got together, asked Franny how it felt to be “the second option.” Naturally, Franny broke into tears feeling insecure about her blossoming relationship.

“Our friend crossed the line [with that question],” Veronica said. “[Franny] was crying about a big insecurity that she has that a lot of other girls and women have [feeling like the ‘second choice’ romantically] and I think it was just a really good valuable lesson … A lot of the people watching that episode were very positive towards Franny and saying, ‘I relate to this!’ Even though we made this dating show as entertainment, we also wanted to make this a learning experience to encourage young girls to not give up on love and to be careful when it comes to choosing the right guy.”

Elsewhere in the interview, she stated, “We all [four] learned more about each other and how we react to certain situations. We learned how we can respond better in the future when it comes to a certain stressful situations for someone. There is a lot of crying in this season and lot of dramatic things happening.”

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