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YouTube Contortionist Sofie Dossi Talks Haters, Upcoming Music
& Her Celebrity Crush

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If you’re in your 20s, Sofie Dossi just may have you re-evaluating all of your life choices. The (very recent!) 18-year-old decided about six years ago that she wanted to translate her gymnastic and dancing skills into contortionism and she’s basically been killing it ever since. Over four million subscribers on YouTube, upwards of two million followers on Instagram, and an athletic clothing brand she launched just after she turned 18… I could’ve been at Vidcon 2019 as a creator, not a journalist, like Sofie if my parents hadn’t let me quit gymnastics when I was eight. (Just kidding, it takes a whole lot more than just “not quitting” to reach the levels of success that Sofie had before she could even legally buy lottery tickets.)

the whisp chatted with Sofie before she took the stage as an opening act for Meghan Trainor at YouTube Onstage at Vidcon and she spilled the tea on her celebrity crush, the only singer she’s been starstruck over, and her most exciting projects.

“It’s funny — I don’t really get starstruck and I never really have,” Sophie told us. “I think I only get star struck with certain people. For example, I went to a Billie Eilish concert and I was actually like, ‘oh my god it’s Billie Eilish!’ But I’ve never done that with anyone else.”

“Billie and Shawn Mendes are my favorite artists,” she said. “[Shawn] just seems so sweet and his voice is incredible and he’s really cute.” Don’t worry though, Camila Cabello, Sophie’s not coming to steal your man — the two have never even met! That said, if she were given the chance to meet just ONE celeb, it’d have to be the “Treat You Better” crooner.

Just like Camila, Sofie first shot to fame when she appeared on a reality competition show. But it was America’s Got Talent season 11 that made Sofie a household name. She was only 14 years old! Other stars like Sophie Turner and Shane Dawson have talked about the pressures that growing up in the public eye can put on someone — especially because it opens oneself up to public scrutiny. Luckily for Sofie, having such a genuinely awe-worthy and intimidating talent has kept the haters pretty far.

“I haven’t really experienced haters. Sure, once in a great while I’ll see like a comment or two. It’s either that or I just literally don’t pay attention,” she admitted. “It’s got to be one of the two because I think if I was getting hate, to be honest, I just wouldn’t even read it. There’s no point in reading it. If you ignore it, there’s nothing there.”

When it comes to the comments that she does get, most of it’s asking about where she gets her clothes, which is part of the reason why Sofie Dossi decided to launch an athletic clothing line called Fire Lily.

“I’ve always gotten comments like, ‘oh my god like where do you get your leggings?’ or ‘where do you get your clothes?’ and I was like, ‘Well I’m constantly wearing leggings and constantly wearing sports bras and all that stuff.’ I wanted to make a line that’s … girly but also has a little bit like edginess to it. So I came out with Fire Lily.”

And as for upcoming projects? “I’ve got some really exciting [upcoming projects]. Maybe music coming out soon?” she hinted. “Stay tuned for that.” If you want to know if she’ll take any inspiration from the musical stylings of her number one celebrity crush Shawn Mendes, she gave it a hard no. “You’ll see when it comes out. It’s interesting…”

We’ll be (im)patiently waiting.

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