FAKE: Gina Rodriguez Did NOT Defend Camila Cabello After Racist Backlash

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FAKE: Gina Rodriguez Did NOT Publicly Offer Support To Camila Cabello After Racist Backlash

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Yesterday sh*t hit the fan for Camila Cabello. The “Havana” singer’s old Tumblr account surfaced and the world found out that Camila was a pretty big fan of the n-word back in the day. Camila apologized, writing, “When I was younger, I used language that I’m deeply ashamed of and will regret forever.”

Now, fake headlines are appearing online that claim Gina Rodriguez, who’s been at the center of anti-Black backlash herself, actually offered public support to Camila online. What she said, according to these satiric tweets, vary, but mostly they say that the Jane the Virgin star defended the songstress.

While many understand that these tweets are parodies, some are taking them seriously.

…And this is how fake news starts. Looking on Gina’s Instagram Stories and recent news about the actress, there is no evidence to support these rumors. Also, most of the attached links are self-promotion. Who knows, though. Maybe Gina reached out to Camila personally. After all, she said the n-word while singing just a few months ago.

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