No, Harry Styles Didn’t Write That Kendall Jenner Love Letter

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Calm down, everybody. Kendall Jenner and Harry Styles haven’t dated since 2016, but for some reason, fans were convinced that a love letter Kendall shared on her Instagram Story was written by the former One Direction crooner.

This all started when Kendall decided to share a super simpy (aka ~emotional~) letter that was written to her for all of her ten million followers to see, which seems like a bit of an overshare, tbh. She then blacked out the name in a — and this is just our opinion — desperate grab for attention. The real kicker here is that the Kendall Jenner love letter doesn’t look like it was written by her current boyfriend, 76ers point guard Ben Simmons. We’ve collectively decided this based on one phrase that was literally written on the side of a basketball, so our evidence isn’t the strongest, but if the letter actually isn’t from Ben, posting it on her IG is shady af.

kendall jenner love letter

Instagram/@kendalljenner via Instagram Stories

People immediately assumed the author of the letter was Harry because both authors write on an incline and use closed O’s, but Twitter has pointed out that the author and Harry have entirely different t’s, i’s, and p’s. Honestly, if I was Harry Styles and people thought that I had written this generic love letter, I would be offended. His album is dope and to think the guy that wrote “From The Dining Table” (which, ironically, is a much better love letter to Kendall Jenner) could only come up with “Right now this separation is killing me, but in my heart I know that nothing could come close to separating us”? Like, that doesn’t even make sense. If you’re already separated, clearly something can separate you. This is not the artistry we expect from fledgling artistic genius Harry Styles.

Something else that our Twitter detectives rightfully noticed was that the blacked-out “signature” at the bottom is weirdly small. Especially when compared to the size of the capital letters in the note, it doesn’t look like anyone’s name would fit there, let alone Harry’s extra “H” signature. Kendall is way to hot to be writing herself sad handwritten notes or we’d honestly assume this was fake because it clearly wasn’t signed.

Until we get desperate enough for answers that we just hire a handwriting expert to look into this very important issue, we’re just going to assume this was written by one of her other exes like Tyler, the Creator because that’s the funniest option. We’ll be waiting for Kendall to set the record straight (which, knowing her, won’t come for at least six months.)

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