5 Fast Facts About The YouTuber Gigi Hadid Pushed Off The Chanel Catwalk

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Gigi Hadid Pushed YouTuber

Instagram / Marie S’Infiltre

Don’t you just love a viral video of a Tuesday morning? Today, a clip of a woman crashing the runway at a Chanel fashion show during Paris Fashion Week went viral thanks to international supermodel Gigi Hadid. The clip, which was initially posted to Twitter, shows a woman climb up onto the runway in the middle of the show and walk with the models. After the security team struggled to figure out which model was the crasher, Gigi Hadid took matters into her own hands and removed the troll herself. Take a look.

Savage, Gigi. So who is the mysterious woman who stormed the runway? We actually know a lot more about her than you might think. Here are some fast facts.

Her name is Marie Benoliel

The woman who attempted to ruin Chanel’s show was Marie Benoliel, aka Marie S’Infiltre. She’s a 28-year-old French woman who actually has a large YouTube following of 227,000 subscribers.

Crashing events is her thing

Marie’s entire YouTube persona was built on crashing events. So like, it’s her thing. The YouTuber posts videos of herself infiltrating huge events — hence her stage name, and she often trolls controversial events, such as a 2017 campaign rally for right-wing French politician Marine Le Pen. In the video she posted of the incident, which you can watch here, Marie stormed the stage and flipped off the crowd. Nice.

This isn’t the first runway she’s stormed

Unfortunately, the Chanel show wasn’t the first event Marie stormed at Paris Fashion Week this year. She posted a video on September 25th which showed her joining the models on the runway at lingerie brand Etam’s Fashion Week show. The video has over 160k views.

She’s also a comedian and has a one-woman show

Marie clearly considers herself to be one funny onion because she’s also a comedian and does stand-up comedy when she’s not ruining high profile events. According to WWD, Marie has a one-woman show at the Comédie des Champs Elysées Theatre in Paris.

She succeeded in getting her name out there

We’re assuming Marie’s motive for crashing multiple PFW shows was to get her name out there and promote her YouTube channel/comedy show, which she’s definitely succeeded in doing. Gigi Hadid now knows who she is, which is a win itself. Cardi B also noticed her, telling WWD that she “got a little scared” when Marie stormed the catwalk. Marie also commented on a clip of the incident to make sure everyone knew it was her up on that runway. “That’s me,” she wrote, adding a heart and a raised middle finger emoji.

In a statement about the incident, Chanel said: “This person is a comedian known for this type of prank. She had crashed another runway recently. Her presence on the catwalk was not planned. Security guards simply led her to the exit at the end of the show.”

What we learned from this incident is that you don’t want to mess with Gigi Hadid and also that some people will do anything for their five minutes of fame. You can watch Marie’s YouTube video of the incident here, but that’s exactly what she wants you to do!

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