Adriana Lima Gets Caught Making Fun Of James Charles At The VMAs

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James Charles Adriana Lima


Behold — we have found the most uncomfortable video of 2019. James Charles was one of the lucky influencers who got invited to the MTV VMAs last weekend and like most of us, he got super excited at the chance to take selfies with some of his favorite celebrities. One of the celebs he decided to pull for a photo was Victoria Secret legend Adriana Lima. A video of their meeting is doing the rounds on Twitter currently — just take a look for yourself.

Painful, isn’t it? Adriana plays all nice and friendly with James while taking the photo, but as she walks away, sticks her tongue out in a face that one only makes when thinking “YUCK.” Fans of James were quick to call the model out on Twitter for her pretty mean reaction.

Considering James has a TON of haters, it’s not surprising that a lot of them think Adriana’s snub is hilarious. Some users are even responding to the video saying it’s not like Adriana spit in his face … yikes.

We can’t even imagine how embarrassed James must feel watching the clip. He hasn’t commented on it yet, but Adriana, who hasn’t tweeted in over a year, wrote this cryptic message on Twitter yesterday.

We know Adriana is the biggest supermodel in the world, but it’s nice to be nice! Maybe she always just sticks her tongue out for no reason …

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