Concerns Raised For Lia Marie Johnson After Video Making Out With Older Man While Intoxicated

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Something is going on with Lia Marie Johnson and it’s very concerning. The 23-year-old YouTube star, who was named in Adweek‘s “10 Of The Biggest Young Stars On YouTube” in 2014, was seen on Instagram Live kissing a much older man, believed to be her producer Steven Wetherbee, before he got upset that she was on social media and tried to shut down the video and keep it from being published — though it had already been seen and recorded by a handful of her one million IG followers.

In the chilling video, which was being watched by over one thousand viewers, Lia starts kissing an unknown man off-screen at around 15-minute into the video. Soon, the man realizes she’s on IG Live and says, “Lia, I need this to not go out because it will affect my work.”

That’s when he takes over her phone and reveals his identity.

You can watch recorded videos of the interaction below:

Fans were concerned for Lia Marie Johnson throughout the majority of the holiday season as she’s been seen on Instagram acting erratically with many believing she’s been abusing drugs and alcohol. If her producer is taking advantage of any potential substance problems, fans believe that the relationship is not consensual.

After fans saw what went down between Lia and Steven, many called the police and Lia went back on Instagram Live to say that the police had been called to her house, she was put in handcuffs and she’s going to “f*ck off for a while.”

“The cops showed up, and detained me, put cuffs on my hands,” she said in an update. “There’s no reason to worry, I’m okay. I just want to be left alone.”

It’s unclear whether the police also interacted with the man in the video, but Steven Wetherbee’s social media profiles appear to be offline.

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