Controversially-Aged YouTuber Danielle Cohn & Mikey Tua Air Out Dirty Laundry Online

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Instagram / Danielle Cohn

For the record, this is the first time we’ve ever had to refer to someone as “controversially-aged” but there is a lot of debate over YouTuber / Instagram model Danielle Cohn‘s age — and it just might be the reason she and her ex Mikey Tua broke up in the first place.

Quick recap: Some people online claim that Danielle, who claims to be 15, is actually 13. Some even say they have the proof — the age brackets for the beauty pageants she used to participate in. These rumors have been swirling for years but picked up steam when she posted in February that she and her boyfriend Mikey Tua were pregnant and getting married. It turned out to be a “prank.” Thus ensued even more controversy.

Then, Mikey’s parents took away his social media after claiming he could get into legal trouble for continuing to date Danielle. Then they said “she is not 15,” via Mikey’s dad’s Instagram Stories.

Danielle and Mikey initially seemed to try to make it work before deciding to call it quits. Now, they’re taking their breakup way public and feuding on Twitter after Danielle mentioned Mikey in her YouTube video called “Kiss Or Diss.” Essentially, she and her friends played a game where they had to choose if they’d kiss or diss well-known social media stars. Danielle brought up Mikey.

Her friends immediately said “diss!” claiming “girl code,” and Danielle said, “To be honest though, I’ve kissed him in the past. So I guess I would say kiss… I probably wouldn’t kiss him now just because it’s awkward.”

Mikey didn’t want her to keep talking about him so he and Diego Martir went on Instagram Live (on Diego’s account) and “exposed her.” Diego said she’s “racist as f*ck” and Mikey said he used to have a video where she claimed “[he’d] be nothing without [her].” They said they’d have a video out about her lies soon. Then, while they were still on Instagram Live, Danielle called Mikey and told Diego to “go back to [his] own country” after he called her a bitch saying, “like I’m gonna listen to a 13-year-old; shut up.”

Yeah, this is getting messy. You can watch the video below:

Danielle claimed that Diego and Mikey have been “bullying [her] for months” in a tweet, too. But Diego warned she’d start making up stuff about them while he was Live on Instagram.

This is probably not going to be resolved any time soon. But we’ll be here anxiously refreshing their social media pages to see what happens next…

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