Ethan Dolan Issues Powerful Statement About Self-Love After Haters Bully Him Over Acne

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Ethan Dolan is far from the only celebrity or influencer to suffer from acne, but he’s brave enough to show off a completely unfiltered shot of what he’s dealing with. After his twin brother, Grayson Dolan tweeted, saying that “[m]aking fun or putting someone down [because] of a physical appearance that is out of their control is ugly,” referencing comments he’d seen about his brother’s acne, Ethan responded, too.

Ethan wrote to people who may have acne as well, sharing how common his name is searched with words like “skin,” “face,” and “ugly.” He shared a tweet where someone wrote they have to “cover [his] forehead when I look at him because of his spots,” and then a long text post from the Notes app.

“I’ve been putting this off because I’m not one to let people behind a keyboard bother me… but, just seeing what people are saying about my skin (which is completely out of my control, just bad luck) it just makes me think… so many people deal with acne, I can just imagine the comments they get about their appearance daily. We all know it’s never cool or okay to pick on someone for their appearance / what’s out of their control, but that’s not going to stop people from doing it. Sh*tty people will continue to be sh*tty,” he wrote.

“I do think the world is headed in a way better direction where people will take others [sic] feelings into consideration and be more supportive/accepting,” he continued. “But until it’s fully there, it’s important to focus on loving yourself so hateful people’s words are meaningless. If you’re struggling with your skin, no matter how severe your conditions may be… I encourage you to embrace it. It’s completely systemic that ‘you can’t be fully confident if you don’t have clear skin.’ Talk yourself up, remind yourself of all of your great qualities and remember that acne isn’t a bad quality.”

He finished off the post, writing, If it bothers anyone idc I guess close ur eyes.” Boom.

While most fans flocked into the replies to praise Ethan for his powerful words, some were critical about how often the twins said it’s bad to make comments because it’s out of his control and not that it’s just rude to bash on someone’s looks because it’s bad to bash on someone’s looks. Either way, some major stars from Lili Reinhart to Justin Bieber have struggled with acne. Ethan’s got some good company.