Fans Fuel Rumors That Jake Paul Has A “Real Girlfriend” Named Emma Toth

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Wait, WTF?! We’ve been seriously invested in Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau‘s sort-of-fake-but-kind-of-real relationship since day one, and we had been kind of convinced that these two crazy YouTubers might actually tie the knot during their July 28th wedding. But according to rumors that some fans are fueling on Twitter, Jake might actually have a “real girlfriend” named Emma Toth. What’s up? We thought that clout was forever?

ICYMI, since this relationship began, people have been doubting if Tana and Jake are for real. When the pair got engaged in Vegas after less than a month of dating, people called the two of them out for faking a relationship for views. Tana and Jake have both maintained that their relationship is the real deal, but that hasn’t stopped rumors from flying on social media.

According to some fans, Jake isn’t dating Tana at all. He’s actually dating a girl from Alaska named Emma Toth, who fans claim went to see him this past weekend. Some fans have even alleged that Tana hasn’t been spending the night at Jake’s house, instead, she’s only been going over to his place to film and then returning to her house to sleep.

Other fans have hit back at these rumors, claiming that they’re all false, and spread by people with the intention of starting drama.

Who TF is Emma Toth? Are Jake and Tana going to go through with their wedding? We want answers! And we want them ASAP!

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