Jaclyn Hill Gets Slammed For Making Halloween Joke About Hairy Lipstick Launch Failure

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Instagram / Jaclyn Hill

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade… at least that’s what beauty guru Jaclyn Hill is trying to do after her lipstick launch earlier this year set her off on a months-long YouTube hiatus and made her one of the most unpopular beauty influencers of the year.

ICYMI: The 29-year-old YouTuber’s highly-anticipated lipstick launch in June was a complete failure after buyers reported that the collection arrived broken, lumpy, smelly, and even hairy. Initially, Jaclyn responded to the first reports snarkily, but once it became obvious that the lipstick issues were a widespread issue, she apologized and claimed the “factory used brand new white gloves to do quality control [and] they shed all over [the] product!” Naturally, fans pulled up photos of Jaclyn in the factory which showed her wearing BLUE gloves. Basically, it was a whole damn mess and Jaclyn had to lay low for over a month because of all the hate being spewed her way.

Now, it seems Jaclyn’s totally over the drama — and even ready to joke about it. She posted a video from her Halloween party with Sebastian Williams, who used her hairy lipsticks as horns for his Halloween costume. I guess they weren’t going to get any other use, but still. He wrote on Twitter, “i wore jaclyn hill’s hairy lipsticks as horns to her party [sic],” with a video she posted to Instagram saying, “do you notice his horns?”

Jaclyn also wore her own Halloween costume poking fun at the scandal. She was “canceled.” She wore a black dress that says “Jaclyn Hill Canceled” in red with a makeup special effects gash running from her ear to her chin

Fans were heated she’d joke about the scandal at all, voicing their anger on Twitter.

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