YouTuber Gabi DeMartino Gets Slammed For “Entitled” Starbucks Video

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Gabi DeMartino Starbucks Video Entitled

YouTube / Gabi DeMartino

It’s never long between Gabi DeMartino scandals. The 24-year-old YouTuber and Ariana Grande look-alike has been bashed for her comments regarding Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber, and for a recent video where she and her sister, Niki DeMartino had a man play Normani in a pop star parody video.

Now, haters are attacking Gabi for a video where she complains that she had to call Starbucks after she left her credit card there and they didn’t try to DM her. The video, titled, “BARISTA STOLE MY CREDIT CARD” was from last week. The story goes that Gabs wanted a pumpkin creme cold brew to review and left her CC after paying for her drink and chatting to the baristas behind the counter.

“They all know who I am; They made it very clear they know exactly who I am. I was like, ‘no it can’t be, i don’t think they took my card. i don’t think they forgot to give it back to me.’ because They would’ve tried to contact me if they had my card. They would either find a way to DM me on Instagram, they would message me on Twitter… Your girl is always checking her DM’s and Twitter.”

There was some sketchy stuff happening (her assistant had to call the Starbucks multiple times to confirm she’d left her card there), but ultimately they said they had the card and she could pick it up. Gabi said she was “low-key annoyed” that they didn’t try to reach out because they clearly knew who she was. Then it turned out there was ‘fraud on her card’ totaling up to about $230 dollars, which is sketchy because she left the card at Starbucks and picked it up at Starbucks but it clearly left the premises.

However, one person chose a clip about how no one reached out to her and posted it to Twitter writing, “Can you IMAGINE being so far up your tight little Chanel assh*le that you are mad that no one from Starbucks DM’ED you that you left your credit card there?”

However, Gabi’s clapping back to the critics, saying that if they watched the whole video (not just the clip), it’s clear that she’s not being overdramatic about the situation. She finished the takedown with a cool, “thanks for the promotion.” THE SHADE.

Gabi then RT’d some of her defenders who explained why she was so frustrated. “She’s mad because there were unrecognized fast food charges on it the next day. Someone at Starbucks obviously used it while they had it. You just clipped that part out.”

What’s genuinely sketchy though is just a few days later, her credit card was stolen AGAIN after getting bottle service at a nightclub and the person spent thousands of dollars shopping with it! That’s an unlucky month for credit card fraud.


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