Jaclyn Hill Is Being Accused Of Lying About Buying A Teacher School Supplies

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Jaclyn Hill Lying Feat

Instagram / Jaclyn Hill

Jaclyn Hill is being accused of lying to her followers yet again. The YouTuber has a ton of hate accounts directed at her on Twitter, one of the worst being @FaceJaclyns, an account that constantly posts hateful and offensive comments about Jaclyn to Twitter and “calls her out” for her actions publicly. In the latest scandal, Jaclyn is being accused of pretending to help a follower out for clout and then ghosting any further messages from her.

The hate account took to Twitter yesterday to post screenshots of an interaction between Jaclyn and one of her fans. They wrote: “On 10/17, one of #jaclynhill’s followers tweeted for help w a classroom wishlist. JH said she bought half the list-Amazon says otherwise. The teacher has repeatedly asked JH for clarification-& has been ghosted. What’s really going on? I guess she’s bUSy. [sic]”

The screenshots in the tweet show one of Jaclyn’s followers asking her to help out with a school supply list for her class of children who suffer from “depression, PTSD, autism, ADHD, and anxiety.” Jaclyn responded to the follower saying she bought half of the wish list, however, the fan continued to tweet saying that the order had been canceled. From the screenshots, it looks like Jaclyn didn’t reply to the tweets any further.

Another Twitter user shared @FaceJaclyns post, tagged Jaclyn and asked: “Are you even gonna explain yourself? You ghosted just like you ghosted your fans with their refunds.”

Jaclyn responded to the tweet, writing: “Explain myself? Sure! My account was charged but the order never shipped even though I overnighted it. I am now ordering everything for a second time. I obviously would not pretend to order things for a classroom. I have my confirmation number if people need ‘receipts.'”

The beauty mogul further responded to a fan who noted that @FaceJaclyns had an entire account dedicated to her.

Even when Jaclyn is trying to do good, she’s still attacked by haters. Can’t we give the girl a break?

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