Jaclyn Hill Gets Dragged For ‘Lying’ In New Video

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Jaclyn Hill Morphe

YouTube / Jaclyn Hill

Another day, another Jaclyn Hill scandal. The 29-year-old YouTuber has a LOT of critics, so it’s no surprise that her videos get scanned carefully for any slipups she may make along the way. Her latest video, titled “FULL FACE OF MY CURRENT BEAUTY FAVORITES,” has already been a topic of conversation this week after it sparked engagement rumors, but now, people are noticing something that doesn’t quite add up about one of Jaclyn’s “favorite products.”

One of the products Jaclyn raves about in her video is Morphe’s Fluidity Full Coverage Concealer. For those of you who watch Jaclyn, you’ll know that it’s not shocking that she’s pushing a Morphe product in her video, however, her opinion is slightly conflicting with the one she had back in January 2019 when the concealer first launched.

In the video, Jaclyn said: “The past couple of months, I have been falling in love with this Morphe concealer. It took me a long time to really get on board with this because you guys know that when it comes to my routine, the thing that I take the absolute most serious, hands down, is concealer.”

Drama channel TeaByAli did some digging through the JH archives and found her Instagram Stories from January 2019 in which she gives her initial review of the concealer. In the Instagram Stories dated January 4th, 2019, Jaclyn can be heard saying, “This concealer, I’m just predicting it right now, is going to be one of the top concealers of 2019. It is ridiculous how good this concealer is and it is $9. It is TOTALLY up there with Tarte Shape Tape, 100%. It is so full coverage, it is so buildable, and what’s great about it is it barely has to be set with powder because it dries down so perfectly.”

Skip to 7:15 in TeaByAli’s video to see the clip.


Ali wasn’t the only person to pick up on Jaclyn’s inconsistent review. Subscribers have taken to Twitter to question how a concealer can go from being the “top concealer of 2019” back in January to taking “a long time to get on board with” nine months later.

Jaclyn has a history of shoving Morphe down her subscribers’ throats because she is an affiliate with the brand and a close friend of the owner’s. Now, it kind of looks like she lied in her initial opinion of the concealer back in January ahead of its launch. Yikes.

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