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Jaclyn Hill Breaks Her Silence After Her Month-Long Social Media Hiatus

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YouTube / Jaclyn Hill

Jaclyn Hill has broken her silence after a month-long hiatus from social media. The YouTuber deleted all of her social media accounts last month after the launch of her first cosmetic line failed. The beauty influencer’s lipstick collection came under fire when customers began receiving products that were melted, covered in holes and little hairs, and smelling bad. The criticism caused Jaclyn to refund every person who purchased her lipsticks, regardless of whether they were dissatisfied with their purchase or not.

Before her social media break, Jaclyn uploaded two separate apology videos in which she tried to address the problems in her cosmetics. Last night, the 29-year-old uploaded her third video addressing the scandal. In the 19-minute long video titled “Where I’ve Been,” Jaclyn spoke about why she decided to step back from social media and her feelings about the failed launch.

Jaclyn began her video by explaining her apprehension about filming. “I just want to start off by saying, this video might be the biggest mistake of my entire career, but that’s okay,” she said, before explaining that people had advised her not to speak out, but she wanted to anyway. “Would you have some sort of conflict with someone you love, with a friend and then just let it blow over and just let them forget about it? Is that a good friend? I don’t think so.”

Jaclyn then admitted that her launch was a failure, which was hard for her to say as owning a brand had always been her lifelong dream. “That’s why this whole thing has been so hard for me — because I completely failed. I say it every day and I still choke on those words. My launch was a failure, it failed, it sucked.”

YouTube / Jaclyn Hill

The beauty mogul told her followers that she had been so confident in her brand. She believed she had the best products, best lab, and best employees, that she was almost cocky about how well her launch was going to do. The video didn’t address the problems customers of Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics were having with their products, but more about how Jaclyn herself felt about the issues and how she is intending to move forward with her brand.

“I am beyond grateful for everything that I have learned throughout this process, it’s been a rough ride but I am honestly grateful for it. I have fired so many people and I have hired so many people. In this past month, I have built an entire new quality control team.” Jaclyn said that she will continue to build her brand back up and release more products as she believes it is her destiny to have a brand, telling followers that she has employed a new lab for future launches, however, they will be delayed as a result.

As for her reasons for deleting her social media accounts, Jaclyn said: “I was obsessing over Twitter, obsessing over Instagram — I was obsessed with all of it. I had gotten to this place where I was so clouded and unable to rebuild my brand, unable to figure out what’s going on, and I knew in order to get right, in order to make my brand right — I had to get me right. So I was just like — I can’t do this, I’m done, I need to deactivate everything, I need to have absolutely zero power to look at anything that’s going on because I need to focus.”

Lastly, the YouTuber publicly apologized to the first Twitter user who tweeted about having a problem with her product. She said that she didn’t respond to the customer “as a brand owner should” and that she is sorry. “I love you guys, I miss you, and I’ll be back soon with more videos and do what I do — do what I love.”


Twitter users are still critical of the makeup artist turned brand owner after the release of her latest video, with one person even calling her “narcissistic.”

All we’re saying is if James Charles can come back from his scandals … so can Jaclyn!

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