James Charles Accused Of “Sabotaging” Shane Dawson’s Jeffree Star Series With “Big Announcement”

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Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star have been dominating the YouTube scene with their “The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star” docuseries which launched on the first of this month. The second video of the series was uploaded last Friday, October 4th, and the third is coming “sometime this week.” As fans have been eagerly waiting for the third installment of the series to drop, beauty YouTuber James Charles revealed he will be making a “special announcement” on Friday, leaving Shane and Jeffree fans p*ssed.

Despite the fact that Shane hasn’t confirmed which day the episode will drop yet, and also that episode one of his series came out on a Tuesday, fans think James is trying to “sabotage” the Jeffree Star series by scheduling his announcements for Fridays. One troll replied to James’s tweet saying: “Stop sabotaging @JeffreeStar and @shanedawson, you wanted to make the announcements for months now and all of a sudden you do it the air date of The Beautiful Life of Jeffree Star. Like how stupid do you think we are, even your fans cant be that stupid and not catch on. Girl bye.”

One of the main reasons people believed that James was orchestrating his announcement to coincide with Shane’s video was due to fan’s assumptions that episode three would be about Grayson Dolan’s history with the beauty guru. Back during the Tati/James/Jeffree scandal of 2019, Jeffree made claims that Grayson would be going on camera to talk about how James “molested” him. However, the video, which was posted to the Dolan twins’ YouTube channel last night, was actually about the pair’s “step back” from YouTube and had nothing to do with James at all.

It’s not confirmed that episode three of Shane’s series will discuss the drama that went down between Jeffree and James, but it’s looking likely, seeing as on episode two, Jeffree referred to James as his “little brother.” Whether the video drops on Friday or not, hopefully James’s “big announcement” will distract from the backlash, even for a little bit.

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