Twitter Drags James Charles For “Creepy” Texts He Sent About Cameron Boyce

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Twitter Drags James Charles For  Creepy  Texts He Sent About Cameron Boyce Capture 3 jpg

Twitter / James Charles

Twitter is once again hot on James Charles’s tail after texts he once sent about the late Cameron Boyce have resurfaced. James tweeted his respects to the 20-year-old actor who died suddenly on Saturday night, saying that Cameron was one of the “kindest people” he had ever met. Since then, Twitter users have been posting screenshots of texts that were exchanged between James and actress Debby Ryan about the actor.

James tweeted about Cameron’s death late on Saturday night, writing: “rest in peace to cameron boyce 😞 he was so young, incredibly talented, but also one of the kindest ppl I’ve ever met. sending love to his friends & family 💔”

A Twitter user replied to the tweet with a screenshot that shows texts James sent to Cameron’s Jessie co-star Debby Ryan about how hot Cameron was and his desire to hook up with him. In one of the texts, James writes “I want him. Set up a time and date for me to kiss him please and thank you.”

James has tweeted about his feelings towards Cameron before, writing on Twitter in 2017 that he was “one of the most beautiful boys on the planet.”

Now, fans of Cameron are dragging James for tweeting his condolences on Saturday because of the “creepy” things he said about the Disney star in the past.

This isn’t the first time James has been accused of acting inappropriately towards men he finds attractive. There have been multiple instances where the YouTuber was called out for making sexual comments about other men, one of the most notable being Tati Westbrook’s allegation that he made inappropriate comments towards a waiter at her birthday party dinner in Seattle.

James is yet to comment on his latest scandal involving Cameron Boyce, as is Disney actress Debby Ryan who appears to be the person receiving the texts in the screenshots.