James Charles Claps Back At Troll Who Dragged His NYFW Outfit

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James Charles NYFW

Twitter / James Charles

No matter how many haters he might have, James Charles will never stop posting his fire looks. Like literally every other influencer on the planet right now, James is strutting his stuff in New York for fashion week and obviously, he’s not lacking in the style department. Yesterday, the 20-year-old posted an outfit pic to Twitter with the caption: “hello new york fashion week[sic]” and he looked hella cute in his black blazer, shorts, and white strappy sandals. Que the haters …

One Twitter user shared a close-up photo of James’s foot in his mentions (why though?) and wrote, “Sis, your big toe on the ground.”

The commenter has CLEARLY never worn a strappy heel before because if they did, they would know that there’s no keeping your toes in them bad boys — they just want to be free. James swiftly put the troll back in their place, responding: “that’s because I am a man in heels lizz.” Not wrong.

Fans of the YouTuber came to his defense in reminding trolls that a toe slip can happen to anyone, women included, and reassured him that he still looks great.

People really will come for James for anything these days. Remember trolls — James is at fashion week, and you’re definitely probably not.

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