James Charles Defends Jaclyn Hill From “Ugly” Beauty Community Trolls

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James Charles Jaclyn Hill Trolls

Instagram / Jaclyn Hill

Jaclyn Hill gives James Charles a run for his money in being the most-hated YouTuber in the beauty community, but these two controversial influencers stick together when times get tough. Jaclyn was the victim of a ton of abuse on social media over the weekend when she posted a photo of herself in a shopping cart while at the grocery store. The beauty mogul received multiple comments that criticized her for posting to Instagram when she hadn’t yet uploaded the “explanation” video she was promising her followers. She was also plagued by haters who told her to stop trying to be “relatable,” considering, along with her groceries, she had a Hermes Birkin handbag in her cart.

On Saturday, James Charles, who’s also no stranger to online hate, called out a Jaclyn Hill hate account on Twitter whose username is @WhinyMillionaireWithFurryLipstick. The troll shared Jaclyn’s cart photo with the caption: “The epitome of class & grace. Going to the grocery store in her slippers and pajamas, then posing in a grocery cart. We call this trash in civilized society. #JaclynHill, no one feels sorry for you or thinks this is cute. #trash #growup [sic]”

James quote tweeted the troll and wrote: “y’all are so f*cking weird… an account and thread of people literally dedicated to hating jaclyn hill? the ‘beauty’ community continues to prove that it’s ironically the absolute ugliest place on social media [sic]”

The majority of James’s followers praised him for sticking up for Jaclyn, but others encouraged him to stay out of the drama that he often finds himself caught up in.

Others actually questioned James’s intentions when sharing the tweet, criticizing him for drawing more attention to the harmful words.

It looks like Jaclyn herself might be angry at James for retweeting the hate page because she hasn’t responded to or ‘liked’ his tweet. Jaclyn uploaded a new video to YouTube yesterday where she explained her absence from social media and also addressed trolls who have been bullying her online for months. Watch it below.


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