Screenshots Appear To Show James Charles Making Fun Of A Disabled Fan

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YouTube / James Charles

It was only time before James Charles got himself wrapped up in another scandal. This one, however, is probably one of the worst we’ve seen. A drama YouTube channel has claimed to have screenshots of messages from James in which he makes fun of one of his disabled fans. The messages, which were apparently sent just a year ago, appear to show James speaking about the fan who uses a wheelchair.

The screenshots, which were originally posted by YouTuber Tea By Ali, show James allegedly speak about fellow beauty influencers Manny MUA and Patrick Star before he mentions a fan in a wheelchair who came to speak to him ahead of “the hottest guy” he’d ever seen.

“And did I tell you that these fans came up to me for a pic? There was literally the hottest guy I’ve ever seen, like Justin Bieber [blurred]… he wanted a picture with me but some kid in a [f*cking] wheelchair came up before him and could barely talk and took forever. The whole time he was talking I was like hurry the [f*ck] up SPIT IT OUT!!! Like he could barely talk it was so annoying. Like shut up my future husband is behind you!!! Like go back to the special Olympics,” the alleged messages read.

Although it’s unclear whether the screenshots are real as they could easily be photoshopped, multiple Twitter users believe that the offensive messages were sent by James thanks to his already turbulent past.

The screenshots come after a lull in JC drama since his feud with Tati Westbrook and Jeffree Star died down. We’re not convinced that James will comment on the drama, but we’re VERY curious to see if Manny does. Although there is a huge chance the messages are fabricated — if not, James has a big storm coming. He’s previously spoken out about Photoshopped text messages — particularly one that appeared to show him using the n-word — so him not speaking out feels like a confirmation to some fans.

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