James Charles Gets Canceled Again… This Time For Appearing To Say The N-Word

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James Charles never goes long without a scandal and he rung 2020 in with a big racism scandal.

The YouTube star posted on his Instagram Stories partying on New Years’ Eve, but it’s when Saweetie track “My Type” came on the loudspeakers that the CoverGirl ambassador got himself in trouble. James filmed himself singing along to the certified BOP — but some believe he refused to censor himself when Saweetie sang the n-word.

“Rich n****, eight-figure, that’s my type! That’s my type, n**** that’s my type,” was blasting at the party while James sang along. “Eight-inch big, ooh, that’s good pipe. Bad bitch, Imma ride the dick all night!”

James, for his part, says he “skipped” the n-word, but some think they can see his mouth moving to the racist word.

This is not the first time that James Charles has been accused of racist behavior. In 2017, he was compelled to apologize after joking in a tweet that he might get Ebola while on a trip to Africa.

Sadly, the conversation devolved into a debate on whether or not non-Black people can sing along to the n-word when it’s in songs created by black artists. Spoiler alert: they can’t, but some white people still don’t get it.

I think we can all agree that non-Black celebrities saying the n-word is a trend we can leave in 2019. Right, Camila Cabello?

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