James Charles Is Feuding With A Drama Channel Over A Report He May Have Shaded Emma Chamberlain

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James Charles Emma Chamberlain

YouTube / James Charles

James Charles is “trying to stay out of drama but it’s impossible when things like this happen daily.” Drama channel TeaSpillOnYoutube reported on claims that James Charles shaded former “Sister Squad” member and fellow YouTuber Emma Chamberlain in an Instagram Live where he said “um, no, not gonna hang with her” after someone mentioned Emma in the comments. But James is claiming that he wasn’t talking about one of his former frequent collaborators and “was shading someone else and realized in the moment that it was unnecessary.”

The video in question can be watched below.

While in New York City for Fashion Week, James took a break from the hustle n’ bustle of the Big Apple to perform for his followers. He and Emma Chamberlain have not been following each other on social media for a hot minute so many believed when he took a break from the singing to throw some shade, he was referring to Emma. Moments later he said it was “stupid to say what [he] just said out loud,” and said there were three different names he saw and hoped no one would take a screen recording and “start drama.” Because it’s the internet, someone obviously screen-recorded and started drama. Sorry, James.

James reponded to TeaSpill’s video titled “Did James Charles REALLY shade Emma Chamberlain” with a tweet saying, “No he didn’t but he was shading someone else and realized in the moment that it was unnecessary, which is why he cleared it up, took responsibility, and asked that drama channels didn’t blow it out of proportion … thanks for respecting that.”

After the TeaSpill Twitter responded, he defended himself again writing, “it’s not a story if it was already cleared up and would it be that hard to respect someone’s wishes for once?” He later responded to other replies saying, “Im very calm and you’re right it isn’t that deep at all which is why its frustrating that every aspect of my life is turned Into drama … I just don’t think there was a point in making a video. regardless of the content, people will still assume I did because that’s what the drama community does. I’m trying to stay out of drama but it’s impossible when things like this happen daily. [sic]”

Yes, it must be frustrating having every word you say documented and clung to as fact, but it’s a good lesson to James to really *think* before speaking. He knows the influence he has, he knows his followers, and the drama channel landscape, and deep down — he knew that the reports were inevitable. There’s only one thing that can be done to move forward: apologize, clarify your words, and move on. But don’t expect people not to talk about it — it is TEA after all, something James Charles is on the record for spilling, too.

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