Jeffree Star Opens Up About “Dramageddon” With Gabriel Zamora In Shane Dawson Series

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Jeffree Star Shane Dawson Dramageddon

YouTube / Jeffree Star

Shane Dawson uploaded the highly-anticipated first episode in his “Beautiful World of Jeffree Star” series yesterday and a lot went down. The hour-long YouTube video delved into the dramatic world of the beauty influencer while also highlighting some of the issues Jeffree faces as a brand owner and a YouTuber. One of the biggest takings from the video was that Jeffree addressed his feud with Gabriel Zamora, Laura Lee, Manny MUA, and Nikita Dragun — aka his former friends.

If you need a quick recap, last year, Jeffree found himself at the center of a feud with fellow YouTuber Gabriel Zamora when Gabriel shared a photo of himself, Laura Lee, Manny MUA, and Nikita Dragun flipping off a camera with the caption: “Bitch is bitter because without him we’re doing better,” seemingly directed at Jeffree. The photo caused a rift between Jeffree and some of the biggest players in the YouTube beauty community, most importantly, his former BFF Manny.

Jeffree Star Shane Dawson Dramageddon

Twitter / Gabriel Zamora

In Shane’s new video, Jeffree addresses the scandal, which has now been dubbed as “Dramageddon” by fans. He recalled opening a Morphe store in New Jersey back in August 2018 and the morning after, waking up to the photo Gabriel had posted. Jeffree opened up about his friendship with the four ending, telling Shane: “We spent a few years together, a lot of the time inseparable. It’s sad because I genuinely loved them. That’s, I think, why I was so hurt. Because there wasn’t a fake friendship it was so real. It was crazy.”

Jeffree also told Shane that Gabriel apologized for posting the photo “man-to-man” and finished the conversation by saying, “I think it’s like a breakup because b*tch I’m over it now.”

The conclusion of the first episode gives a sneak peek at episode two, which will show the steps involved in the creation of Shane and Jeffree’s eyeshadow palette. Watch the full episode below.


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