Jessi Smiles Responds To Curtis Lepore After He Tries To Justify Pleading Guilty To Assault 6 Years Ago

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Instagram / Jessi Smiles & Instagram / Curtis Lepore

Curtis Lepore is picking at old wounds after posting a public statement across his social media channels in which he tried to justify the events that lead to his felony assault conviction six years ago. If you weren’t up-to-date on Vine news at the time, his once-girlfriend Jessi Smiles accused Curtis of raping her after they broke up and — although she didn’t give out many details at the time — Curtis admitted it on a recorded phone call.

Though Curtis started his statement saying it was “not an attempt to discredit or discard anyone’s feelings,” he goes into detail about the events that lead him to believe that having sex with his ex while she was asleep and had a concussion was okay.

Though Jessi shouldn’t have had to respond six years after she was assaulted by an ex, she was compelled after other influencers flocked Curtis’s comments to publicly voice their support for the convicted assailant.

“Curtis Lepore, the man who raped me, put out a statement nearly [six] years later about the night it happened. This is my response,” she posted to Twitter along with three screenshots of a long text post she penned to Curtis and her fans and followers.

“I told him ‘I feel so sick’ and he was comforting me. Those are the last words I said to him, an exact quote, before I woke up to him having sex with me. Unprotected, unprovoked full on sex with a person who he was supposed to be looking out for. A person who was ASLEEP and sick. A person who didn’t have the chance to say ‘no.’,” she wrote.

She continued, “I don’t know what you’ve had to tell yourself over the past years to justify what you did. But don’t you DARE, after doing what you did, put false sh*t out about that night. Because that night is the reason I still can’t have sex when I’m feeling tired. Why I distrusted men and cried after sex for years. So, no. You don’t get to just decide what happened. The truth has consequences and the life I have endured after that night is proof of what the truth was… I am disgusted at how you justify it all in your head.”

This most recent back-and-forth comes after the Curtis Lepore rape allegations were back into public conversation during a feud between Trisha Paytas and Gabbie Hanna that brought up Gabbie and Jessi’s past and the fact that although the two women YouTubers were friends, Gabbie hung out with Curtis after Jessi’s rape accusations against Curtis were made public.

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