Jon Hill Admitted Trisha Paytas Makeout Is “To Piss People Off,” According To His Ex

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Besides being super controversial, Trisha Paytas and Jaclyn Hill have something new in common… the Jaclyn Cosmetics founder’s ex, Jon Hill. The Reality House star took to Instagram to debut her new fling with a video of the two smoking and kissing. The two were all over Trisha’s IG Stories showing caboodles of PDA and the blonde bombshell even posted on her feed a pic of herself and her new boo with the caption, “Can’t wait to get pregnant tonight.”

Jaclyn either hasn’t heard the news or is completely unfazed. A couple hours after Trisha posted to her IG making her relationship with Jon totally official, Jaclyn tweeted about how excited she was to get her friend’s corn dip recipe. Clearly she and Trish are on two different wavelengths.

Jaclyn and Jon divorced after ten years in May 2018 but he still advocated for her earlier this year when the beauty guru was wrapped up in controversy over a makeup launch failure. ICYMI: her lipsticks showed up to customers who claimed they were hairy, moldy, melted, and broken. Jon said, “I’ll have your back in your hardest of times like you had my back in my darkest of times.” Jon struggled with alcohol and substance abuse issues, which was allegedly to blame for the childhood sweethearts’ split.

Trisha has also been vocal about her former opioid addiction and even said on her podcast that she’d used meth on her birthday and how she started using it because she thought it was cocaine — which she’s also used. In 2014, she said she was two years clean from hard drugs — so the podcast is a hint into her backsliding into addiction (even though she claimed she hadn’t used hard drugs since her May birthday). This is bad news for Jon Hill fans who are hoping he can get and stay clean. This pairing could be just as toxic as relationships come.

To make matters more complex, Jon Hill’s ex Ashlyn Van Horn claims he told her recently that the Trisha videos were staged to “piss people off.”

Then again, it’s not like Ashlyn’s squeaky-clean of controversy, either, so take what she has to say with a grain of salt.

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