#LoganPaulIsOverParty Trending After Logan Paul Says Abortion Is Killing Babies

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Logan Paul Abortion


Another day, another Paul brother scandal. In a surprising turn of events, Logan Paul is the brother making headlines today after he voiced his controversial opinions on abortion. The YouTuber is set to fight KSI in a boxing rematch on November 9th. In today’s press conference just one month before the fight, Logan began to trash KSI by saying he was on his “fifth abortion” — whatever that means, before saying: “that’s five babies dead.” Check out the clip below.

Twitter users are super angry at Logan’s comments, which basically mean he’s against a woman’s right to choose what happens to her body. They’ve since started a hashtag #LoganPaulIsOverParty where Twitter users can all come together to criticize his comments. As of now, the hashtag is officially trending.

This isn’t the first time Logan has been riddled in controversy. In January 2018, the YouTuber posted footage of an actual dead body in the Japanese “suicide forest” for his viewers to see. He later apologized for his actions after he was widely criticized in the media and online.

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