Nikita Dragun Is Slammed For Her “Sexist” & “Racist” VMAs Look

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Nikita Dragun VMAs

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Another day, another YouTuber scandal. Nikita Dragun has joined Tana Mongeau in being criticized for her VMAs “look” last weekend, but for way more serious reasons. The YouTuber stepped out onto the VMAs red carpet on Sunday night with an accessory that’s even more controversial than a snake — three men. Nikita walked the carpet with three men on leashes, one of whom was black. The 23-year-old posted a photo of herself to Instagram before the show with the caption: “‘hiring’ one boyfriend didn’t exactly work out the first time… so this time I hired 3.”

People instantly began criticizing the YouTuber on Twitter for what they’re calling a “sexist” and “racist” act.

Nikita has responded to the backlash she’s been getting with a tweet about sexism. As a transgender woman, the influencer said she made the *outfit choice* as a statement of power. She wrote: “reverse sexism? sexism is prejudice + power. men are the dominant gender with power in society. my VMAs outfit was a statement on me as a woman taking that power. might i add with consenting paid male models. help me understand how i’m sexist towards men? make it make sense.”

In another statement, Nikita posted a red carpet photo of herself to Instagram with the caption: “i wish i could’ve told my younger self i would be walking down the #vmas red carpet and that it’s okay to dream big despite what everyone says. this has truly been a dream come true. growing up a little boy in springfield virginia to now a big girl living her hollywood dreams! ‘why is she at the VMAs’ because i’m a bad bitch that’s why.”

“I know everyone has had plenty to say about my look but i’m glad. i wanted to make a statement on the power of the woman. it makes people uncomfortable and some might say ReVeRse SeXisM… but sexism is prejudice + power. men are the dominant gender with power… and it’s time women take back that power. xoxo Nikita Dragun.”

We’re not too sure if Nikita’s “feminist” statement landed how she intended it to. Maybe just don’t put humans on leashes?

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