Noah Cyrus Denies Tana Mongeau Dating Rumors After Tana Called Her “Girlfriend”

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Noah Cyrus Denies Tana Mongeau Dating Rumors After Tana Called Her  Girlfriend in Video

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We’re not sure which Cyrus Tana Mongeau is more likely to hook up with: Miley Cyrus, her longtime crush, or Noah Cyrus, her new BFF. Earlier this week, Tana posted a video where she said she “took [her] girlfriend’s phone and flirted with [her] best friend.” She was, of course, referring to Noah’s phone which made stans “dizzy,” as Tana would say. The video is exactly what it sounds like, but said-best friend, Imari, suggests having a threesome with Noah and her “boy,” Lucas… and specifically not telling Tana, which Tana was mad about.

The world has been pretty confused about Tana and Noah’s relationship status for a while now. After they initially met, they “feuded” over Noah’s ex, Lil Xan, but once they made up and started hanging out, it seemed their relaysh went from zero to 100. Tana’s non-legal “husband,” Jake Paul even said “Noah and Tana are, like, wanting to hook up.” Tana and Jake are in a “sometimes” open relationship, according to Tana. Noah, for her part, is rumored to be dating model Lucas Machado, but some think they’re just best friends. That is who Imari is talking about though when he wrote “your boy.”

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Now that Tana’s calling Noah her “girlfriend,” fans feel like they got their answer. That was until Noah set the record straight on her Instagram Story, writing, “we are FRIENDS [sic] relaxxxxxxxxx.”

Prior to Tana’s wedding with Jake Paul, she dated Brad Sousa. Before that, she was in an open relationship with Bella Thorne and said that Brad was the one who wanted “a fully monogamous relationship” when she wasn’t ready for that. As you may remember, he ended up cheating on her in a scandal that broke around Coachella 2019. She was married to Jake a few months later.

While we wouldn’t be surprised if it was totally kosher for Tana to be dating other people despite her “marriage” to the controversial YouTuber, we are surprised that Noah’s denying it. WHY THOUGH?

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