Jaclyn Glenn Reveals Scary Details Left Out Of Shane Dawson Eugenia Cooney Video

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YouTube / Shane Dawson

Shane Dawson’s latest YouTube documentary is a serious one, to say the least. The video shows Eugenia Cooney’s return to YouTube after her hiatus began in February 2019. For years, the 24-year-old has come under scrutiny for her low weight, with viewers and fellow YouTubers urging her to seek help for her thin appearance and an eating disorder they assumed went along with it — an eating disorder that Eugenia vehemently denied since she shot to fame. Shane’s video is the first in which Eugenia openly discusses her unspecified eating disorder in hopes to help viewers who are also struggling.

In the hour-long YouTube video titled “The Return of Eugenia Cooney,” Shane visits Eugenia at her home following her release from a rehabilitation center. Before his visit, Shane talked with licensed mental health professional and YouTuber Kati Morton about the best way to approach the topic of eating disorders so as not to trigger Eugenia or any of his viewers.

In the video, Eugenia shows Shane around her impressive house, before vaguely giving details about her rehabilitation and an update on her health today. Eugenia then posted her own video to her channel where she told her subscribers “I’m back” while also saying the details of her recovery are “kinda private still and kind of hard to talk about” but that she is “doing a lot better.”


Viewers of the video applauded Shane for shedding light on the subject of eating disorders and also congratulated Eugenia on her recovery, saying that they’re “so happy she’s back and doing okay.” However, other viewers have criticized Shane for “not taking eating disorders seriously.”

In Shane’s video, Eugenia rarely mentions her family and friends. Since its release, Eugenia’s friend, fellow YouTuber Jaclyn Glenn, uploaded a video about why she believes Eugenia is still in danger of relapse and that Shane’s video didn’t tell her story of recovery correctly. In the video, titled “The Return Of Eugenia Cooney – The Real Truth (Full Story)” Jaclyn and two of her friends David Frank and Eva Demuro gave details of an incident where they allegedly “forced” Eugenia into recovery. The YouTuber claimed that she and her friends were the people responsible for orchestrating Eugenia’s stint in rehab, and claimed that her mother “controls” her and decides when Eugenia can or cannot leave her home.


Eugenia’s mother, as well as a lawyer, were present in her Los Angeles home while Shane’s video was filmed, however, her mom avoided any contact with the camera.

Since Jaclyn’s video was uploaded, Twitter users have conflicting opinions about whether Eugenia is safe or not, with some people saying that Jaclyn and her friends are clout chasers and should have kept details about Eugenia’s rehabilitation private, and others saying their side of the story requires more attention.

Eugenia and Shane have not commented on Jaclyn’s video as of yet, but Eugenia did write this tweet encouraging her followers to be kind to one another.

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