Tana Mongeau Posts Cryptic Tweet About Exes Hooking Up To “Spite” Someone Else

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This is the Valentine’s Day mystery that will guarantee you STOP thinking about how single you are. Tana Mongeau posted a cryptic tweet about two people with a mutual ex hooking up, and we can not rest until we find out what the hell she’s talking about.

Yes, it’s ironic that she tweeted this considering she said literal DAYS ago that subtweeting is “childish,” but we’re not going to focus on that right now. Instead, we’re going to peel through her exes with a fine-toothed comb and see who the f&^% is f&^%ing!

Starting from most recent, Tana’s dated: Jake Paul, Brad Sousa, Bella Thorne, Lil Xan, Hunter Moreno, and Somer Hollingsworth. She’s also been romantically linked to Noah Cyrus, David Dobrik, FaZe Banks, Kian Lawley, and Mac Miller.

So there are a few people that we can strike off the list of possibilities before we begin to dig deep. Firstly, Mac Miller tragically died in 2018, so it can’t be him. Kian Lawley is in a serious relationship, so it’s not him either.

But here’s where it actually gets interesting: maybe Tana’s use of emojis wasn’t as tongue-in-cheek as we intiailly thought. Maybe Tana is the one hooking up with someone to spite her ex. After all, she and Noah Cyrus had their whole maybe-relationship after they squashed beef over the fact that they’d both been with Lil Xan. But we don’t think she’s talking about Noah Cyrus with this one.

17 hours ago, Tana posted a pic with Alissa Violet, calling the former Team 10 member her “Valentine.” Oh yeah, and Alissa is both Jake Paul AND FaZe Banks’ ex. Alissa and Jake dated until February 2017 when they had a highly-publicized breakup that consisted of cheating rumors and reports he kicked her out of the Team 10 house. Like Tana and Jake, ‘Jalissa’ started as a joke before it became something deeper. Later, she dated FaZe Banks, who she also accused of cheating on her while she was sleeping in the house they shared.

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So, Alissa and Tana are hooking up? Honestly, we’re not mad about it! The two of them hooking up to piss of Jake Paul is, also, so on-brand.