Jake Paul Is Going On Honeymoon Alone While Tana Mongeau Deals With Family Emergency

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Tana Mongeau And Jake Paul

Instagram / Tana Mongeau

People still aren’t sure if Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau‘s weekend wedding was legit but what we do know is that Logan Paul‘s big brother is heading to Europe alone since Tana Mongeau got news she has a family emergency to deal with. Tana opted not to give her followers too many details about what’s happening but many noticed it seemed like Tana’s fam was notably absent from the Las Vegas marriage on Sunday.

After gushing that marrying Jake was an “unconventional crazy girl’s dream wedding,” she admitted that Jake’s off to Europe but Tana has to stay stateside as she prioritizes her family emergency over her new hubby.

No one really knows what’s going on right now, but fans flooded the YouTuber’s Twitter replies with well wishes — though some were admittedly disappointed they don’t have more information about Jake and Tana’s nuptials from the couple themselves. Right now, all of our tea is mostly from Buzzfeed and Twitter and the reports that the two left their wedding separately and Jake headed off to a strip club are serious head-scratchers.

Some were even critical that Jake was still moving forward with the honeymoon considering that now that they’re family, her family emergencies should be his.

TBH, there are a whole lot of question marks surrounding Tana Mongeau right now but we think it’ll be a while before she gets to answer them. After all, if this family emergency is legit (and we really, really don’t want to think she would make up something so serious), then she’s got realler issues to deal with than whether or not she got fake married this weekend. Oh, and BTW — there was no marriage license filed for Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul this weekend.

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