Tana Mongeau Hints To Jake Paul Breakup After He’s Seen With His Ex Erika Costell

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Jake Tana breakup split

Instagram / Tana Mongeau

We obviously don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes, but this recent update kind of makes Jake Paul look like trash. The YouTube star and Tana Mongeau threw their lavish Las Vegas wedding less than a month ago and the same weekend she reveals that her grandmother died, Jake’s seen chilling with Erika Costell, his ex.

The two were first seen in the background of some pictures at friend Justin Roberts‘s big birthday bash, and then the next day they were spotted having a one-on-one lunch. Suss AF? Perhaps. Especially because Tana wasn’t told and “found out on Twitter,” according to her Instagram Story. Don’t worry, we’ll get into it.

Jake and Erika broke up last November after seven months of dating and Jake said the split was “healthier” for them both. There didn’t seem to be any bad blood. “She has helped me become a better person on so many levels,” Jake said after they split.

Tana’s friends with her ex Bella Thorne so Jake and Erika chilling should be no big deal, right? Wrong. Tana majorly shaded them on Instagram and on Twitter.

In an Instagram Story, Tana remixed the words to “Thank U, Next” — Ariana Grande‘s iconic breakup hit. She sang, “Thought I’d end up with Bella, yet it wasn’t a match. Wrote some songs about Hunter, now I listen and laugh. Even actually got married and for Jake I’m so thankful, except when he goes out with his ex and I find out on Twitter.”

Damn, girl. She also posted to Twitter, writing:

But what speaks the *loudest* is potentially her ‘likes.’

It looks like a storm is brewing — if the breakup hasn’t happened already! It’s nice to see Bella is having her back, especially after all they’ve been through.

This weekend, Tana shared that she missed her honeymoon with Jake because of a family emergency — and recently her grandmother died. If Jake really did cheat on her this weekend, I think we can all agree this wedding was *not* legit because who could do that to their wife while she’s dealing with a death in the family?

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