Tana Mongeau & Jake Paul Reunite But She’s Not Wearing A Wedding Ring Anymore

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The self-proclaimed world’s dizziest couple are back in action, but this Jana reunion has left us even more confused than we were before.

For those of you who have lives don’t spend your time immersed in YouTube gossip, here’s a quick refresher on Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau‘s whirlwind “romance.” Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve seen coverage of Jana’s speedy, and at times confusing, road to the altar, from fake birthday presents to allegations that their “wedding” wasn’t exactly binding in the eyes of the law *or* God. And any good Tana Mongeau fan knows this b*tch loves Jesus. That’s right, Tana’s internet reality show Tana Turns 21 on MTV(’s YouTube channel) revealed that not only is this alleged couple not legally married because they didn’t fill out any paperwork, Jana wasn’t even intending on consummating the marriage, much to the chagrin of Tana’s BFF Ashly Schwan.

Snafus aside, we low-key believed Tana and Jake’s love was real in a strange, internet hyper-reality sort of way until Jake all but disappeared from Tana’s public life at her time of need. Jake took the couple’s honeymoon without Tana because she had some (very legit) family emergencies, as documented on Twitter, but even after he returned from Europe, the “married” couple hadn’t been photographed together since they said “I Do.” Who Jake *had* been seen with was his ex-girlfriend, Erika Costell and Tana started Tweeting sh*t like this:

And liking sh*t like this:

Even when the clouted couple did interact online, it hit a little different than their pre-wedding flirting:

That is the tweet of a GF whose definitely still mad, IMO.

Tana seemed a little salty on Instagram as well, editing a photo Jake posted surrounded by influencers and models with her wedding photo over their faces… WITHOUT TAGGING JAKE.

That isn’t to say all of their limited social media interaction pointed towards trouble in paradise. Jana talked about their mutual attraction on Twitter, Jake changed his profile pictures to Tana’s face, and he chimed in asking fans to vote for Tana for the PCAs, although he only sent like one half-*ssed tweet supporting her awards campaign. Jana also appeared in Tana’s “I dressed in ONLY Fashion Nova for a week” video, but in true Tana fashion, that #spon #ad content was filmed before she was even married.

After weeks apart, Jake and Tana finally posted their Jana reunion on Instagram.

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Like any good wifey, Tana showed up to support her brother-in-law Logan Paul at the Staples Center, where a press conference was being held for his upcoming rematch with KSI because the Paul brothers still think a Muscle Milk addiction makes them MMA fighters.

For a few beautiful moments, everything was right in the world. Out favorite couple was back together, and we could return to our regularly scheduled dizzy love story. Then we realized Tana wasn’t wearing her wedding ring. This isn’t even one of those times that the camera’s flipped so it seems like her right hand is actually her left hand and the ring’s been there the whole time. Both of her ring fingers are visible, and neither of them is living up to their name.

We did some digging, and unless Tana got confused and started wearing her wedding band on her middle finger, she was without her bling during one of her NYFW IGs and has hidden her left ring finger in 99% of her posts.

Tana responded to her haters on Twitter claiming that she and Jake have been trying to do things in private post-wedding, but as much as we want to believe our favorite internet couple is really falling in love, we aren’t sure we’re buying this Jana reunion:

To their credit, Jake *is* wearing his bussdown wedding band, but considering his love for bling and various other rings, we think that might be more about the ice than his love for Tana.

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