Tana Mongeau Is Nominated For A PornHub Award… Without Doing Any Porn

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This Tana Mongeau PornHub Award nomination took us by surprise for many, many reasons. For one thing, we didn’t realize PornHub had its own awards show. Will James Deen be presenting? Is Kim Kardashian eligible for a lifetime achievement award? Mostly, though, we’re confused because Tana doesn’t do porn. Getting married for clout is one thing, posting your honeymoon on the internet is another.

In case you thought our dizzy queen was finally brand-safe, Tana herself announced the nomination on Twitter yesterday at 3 PM in the afternoon. We were just minding our own business, digesting our late lunches, when Tana tweeted that she was nominated for a People’s Choice Award and a PornHub Award at the same time. Tana explained that the Top Celebrity category isn’t determined by the quality of porn the nominees have produced but by being one of the most searched names on the X-rated site.

“OK BUT TO BE NOMINATED FOR A PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARD AND A PORNHUB AWARD AT THE SAME TIME !!!?” Tana wrote. “I was also nominated for this award last year. Wow. Two years of being one of the most searched names on Pornhub all without porn.”

Tana isn’t the only celebrity nominated for the award who’s never actually posed nude or posted a pornographic video online. Kinsey Sue technically only performs X-rated stunts with her top *on*, Cardi B never made good on her “MotorSport” promise to “sell that porn,” and Belle Delphine‘s PornHub account doesn’t actually feature any pornographic content. Bella Thorne, on the other hand, is preparing to release an explicit film through PornHub, as reported by CNN on what must have been a slow news day, and stars like Kim Kardashian, Stormy Daniels, and Chris Crocker got their start within the adult entertainment industry.

We don’t mean to throw any shade on sex workers — assuming their films are made humanely, consensually, and safely, sex workers are just people trying to secure their bags like the rest of us. Tana Mongeau could hit us with Jake Paul‘s Tesla, and we would say thank you. Tana, however, isn’t a porn star, she’s just sexy AF.

We’re patiently awaiting a Tana Mongeau PornHub Awards storytime vlog in the near future.

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