Tana Mongeau Details Relationship With Mac Miller: “I Get Signs From Him All The Time”

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Tana Mongeau Mac Miller Relationship Details Zach Sang Show

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Ever since Tana Mongeau revealed her alleged relationship with Mac Miller the day he died unexpectedly of an overdose on September 7, 2018, their relationship has been questioned and scrutinized. Tana’s been known for doing stuff “for clout” (her recent not-legal marriage to Jake Paul, for example), so avid Mac Miller fans were defensive of the “Dizzy” star coming for their idol when he didn’t have a chance to share his side of the story, too.

Tana shared their private text messages once news of Mac’s overdose went public, saying she wished he could “kiss [her] one last time,” she then said during a radio interview that they talked every day, and mentioned she thought he was “raging by [her] side” spiritually at Coachella 2019 when his ex Ariana Grande was headlining. A few weeks ago on the one-year anniversary of Mac Miller’s devastating death, she posted a photo of him sitting at his white piano with a long caption about missing him.

Now, Tana’s describing the relationship they had, this time on the “Zach Sang Show” podcast. Along with spilling the tea that she and Jake Paul don’t live together and their sometimes-open relationship, she spoke about first meeting Mac Miller, what it was like having him in her life, and how it feels now that he’s gone.

“I actually met [Mac Miller] like, after TanaCon, around that time,” she said. “I feel like, that [time] for me, mentally, was the lowest point of … my career. I wanna say maybe the second-lowest point of my life. Obviously, I think in the beginning, at 15, wanting to kill myself was more intense because I felt like I had no purpose. But like the rock bottom after TanaCon was just unlike anything I felt in my life. I just wanted to die. That was the first time in my life when I was reading thousands of people telling me to kill myself online. And I was thinking like, ‘Damn, would the world be a better place if I did?’, which is dark.”

She continued, “Then I met him and his zest for life, his positivity, the way that he could turn any situation into a happy one. He really was a big advocate for turning your pain into art in the same was that like, I was and the advice he gave me at that time in my life was really pivotal to me growing up, especially from everything that was happening, you know what I mean? I needed that. I felt like he was this angel that was dropped into my life.”

“He brought back that happiness for life again. He brought back that like, ‘you’re going to pick yourself up and you’re going to keep going. And no matter how f*cking painful this is you’re going to make art out of it, you’re going to make something beautiful out of it like … go continue to kill it… all you can do is make the most of it even though you f*cked up.’ It was a dark tunnel and he brought the light back to it,” Tana revealed.

“I grew up obsessed with him… His words spoke to be far before he ever did, so him coming into my life you know what I mean was a very full-circle thing.”

She then told Zach that she gets “signs from him all the time” and that probably not a day goes by when she doesn’t. “I don’t want to … make it about me because it’s not at all — but I’m just saying like, there’s not a second that goes by that I don’t think about him. Like pretty much every second of every day I’m like, thinking about him and missing him and it’s just hard … but there are certain days when I just feel like things … keep you going through it or like signs.”

On the anniversary of his death, she felt his presence while at a rooftop party where someone else was playing on a great white piano. “I knew the 7th was going to be really hard for me just cause it had been a year. So I was spending the two weeks up until that point I was like, I don’t know, freaking out over it… I felt a presence like, ‘you can’t be sad about this.'”

“I just want to make him proud.”

You can watch her full interview with Zach Sang on YouTube below:


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