Tana Mongeau & Savannah Montano Continue Jake Paul & Dillon Danis Feud — But Savannah Brings The Receipts

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Tana Mongeau Dillon Danis Savannah Montano Feud

Twitter / Dillon Danis

Jake Paul has found himself in the midst of yet another celebrity feud — this time with 26-year-old MMA fighter Dillon Danis. It appeared to all begin when Dillon tweeted “F*ck the Pauls” out of the blue. Jake responded implying that Dillon’s GF Savannah Montano had sex with both Jake and Logan Paul and things spiraled from there.

So when Dillon responded that he “teabagged” Jake Paul’s “wife,” said-wife Tana Mongeau felt she had to involve herself and completely tore Dillon Danis apart — especially because Jake called her on the phone all “angry husband,” he said, over the fact that they’d taken a pic together.

“i’m rly tryna stay outta this fight shit but ur dizzy bro. u waited in line after five fans and took a pic. ur girlfriend in my DMS. leave me outta this [sic],” she posted to Twitter in response.

Obvi if Tana’s getting involved to fight for her man, Dillon’s girlfriend Savannah is going to get involved, too, and she brought the receipts. In fact, Sav claims that Tana’s the one who’s been in her DM’s.

Basically, Tana claims that she was responding to Savannah proposing sex with the YouTube star and not Sav saying Jake Paul wishes she’s banged both him and his brother. Honestly, we don’t know what to believe other than these women should not be fighting each other on behalf of their guys — and their guys should’ve never dragged them into this.

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