Tana Mongeau Says She Had A Gun Pulled On Her In Las Vegas

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YouTuber and MTV star Tana Mongeau had a scary encounter in Las Vegas and she revealed some deets in a series of tweets sent last night.

“[Dude,] my airbnb owner just pulled a gun on us,” she revealed at 10:18 Vegas-time. “nothing like a good gun pulled on [you] to remind [you] the fragility of life.. this [really] would only happen to me. gotta love going to vegas for a few hours.”

Airbnb’s official Twitter account responded about an hour later, saying, “Hey Tana, we’d like to find out more… We’re standing by,” which the former Mrs. Paul called a “Mood.”

She updated that her friend, Imari’s mom, whom she was with in the Vegas Airbnb, was trying to figure out if they could sue the Airbnb owner for “emotional distress,” but there’s little information about how the encounter with an Airbnb host escalated to such extremes. If we know anything about Tana, there will be a video coming soon to her YouTube channel explaining the whole crazy situation. Why do the wildest things always happen to Tana Mongeau? Tana also says that “MTV captured it all,” so we have that to look forward to on the next season of her reality show. She later posted a text post on Instagram, writing, “tonight was weird but tomorrow is a very important day. i’ve worked too hard on something i am so proud of and refuse to let the devil take that from me… i feel weird.” She ended the post saying, “remember this sh*t is all too fragile to take for granted.”

This isn’t Airbnb’s only bad press in the past couple of months. A Vice article detailed a nationwide scam that was using the platform to bait-and-switch victims. There was also a shooting at an Airbnb party around the same time the Vice article dropped. Honestly, Tana’s just lucky that her Airbnb nightmare didn’t end even worse. Let’s hope Airbnb gives her a refund at least.

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