Tana Mongeau Says She Felt “Trapped” In Toxic Relationship With Brad Sousa

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Tana Mongeau Brad Sousa

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Tana Mongeau has posted her first YouTube video since her wedding to Jake Paul on July 28th and it’s a pretty candid one. The video, which is titled “get ready with me on my Wedding day (the truth about everything)” was uploaded yesterday and is a whopping 30 minutes long. In it, Tana sits down with the camera while she does her wedding makeup and speaks openly about the relationship with Jake as well as touching on her relationship with her ex, Brad Sousa.

At the beginning of the video, Tana addressed the rumors that she is only with Jake for his money and that their entire relationship is for clout. To squash these claims, Tana said that she would still be with Jake even if he “worked at Target.” TBH, dating someone at Target is always a good move considering their 10% discount.

Anyway, 21-year-old also acknowledged that she understands why people think her and Jake’s relationship is for clout, seeing as their wedding aligned with filming for her MTV reality show Tana Turns 21. She said that she originally had no intention of putting Jake on her show for that very reason and that people need to remember that the couple’s relationship just started by them hooking up in his house off camera.

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Tana then went on to discuss her relationship with her ex-boyfriend, Brad Sousa. The couple broke up in late April (yes, just over three months ago) when it came to light that Brad had cheated her. In her video, Tana spoke about the last few months of her relationship with Brad, saying: “I was praying to God for a way out because I felt really trapped and ironically, compared to this situation with Jake, in that relationship I felt like I rushed into things.”

“I felt like I was with someone who didn’t really understand me,” she continued. “It’s like, I was so deep into that relationship publicly and I felt like I was being really controlled and I really turned into someone that I wasn’t and I was with someone who really didn’t understand me or understand my ideals on anything like trust or polyamory, even.”

Tana detailed the ways in which Brad would allegedly “control her” by saying he would make her “unfollow all my exes and say, act, dress, and post a certain way. They really made me feel like that was the way love was traditionally and that I was f*cked up for not being like them.”

Tana said that it was that relationship that made her really value what it’s like to have someone who understands her and that her ex cheating on her was God giving her the sign she needed to walk away. The reality star began dating Jake more or less instantly after she and Brad broke up, telling her viewers that she texted Jake an hour after she called it quits with the influencer. Whether you believe that Jana is real or fake, we have to admit that she was pretty convincing in this video! Watch the full thing below:


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