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Instagram Running Test Update That Hides Number of ‘Likes’ A Post Gets

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Look out, influencers! Instagram’s latest update may hide the number of likes that a post receives. Currently, the update is only live for select people in a few countries (the USA is not yet included) but it could become universal. Don’t worry! You’ll still be able to see how many people like your photo, but the number will be hidden from your followers. The update is supposed to take some of the pressure away from social media in order to refocus the app on connecting with friends.

People are reacting in the comments on Instagram’s tweet announcing the update. Since freaking out about changes to social media platforms is one of the internet’s favorite pastimes, the feedback is mostly negative, with some people asking the app to scrap the update in favor of bringing back chronological order. Others questioned what this would mean for influencers who make their living based on metrics like ‘likes’ and engagement, while some voiced concerns that this would make it harder to suss out which accounts were fake and which ones were real.

The update does have at least one high-profile fan. Singer-songwriter Julia Michaels, who broke out in 2016 with her hit single “Issues,” tweeted her support of the change. The singer, who frequently sings about issues of self-esteem and mental health, said, “I actually kindaaaaa think this is a great idea. Especially for mental health.

Despite what it’s critics have to say, we think that Instagram’s new update would be a really positive change to the photo-sharing app. And we’re not just saying that because our last post bombed! Hiding likes will make it easier to focus on the quality of engagement (i.e. did my crush like it?) over the number of semi-random followers who gave you a double tap.

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