Trisha Paytas Faces Backlash Over Her “I’m Transgender” Video

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Trisha Paytas Transgender

Instagram / Trisha Paytas

There’s never a dull moment in the world of Trisha Paytas, but this could be one of her biggest controversies yet. The YouTuber is facing serious backlash for her latest video, titled “I Am Transgender,” from members of the public and more notably, members of the LGBTQ+ community.

In the video, which is 15 minutes long, Trisha details how she struggled with her identity as a female while she was growing up, noting that she was bullied for “looking like a boy” and was self-conscious about her body for years. She then goes on to discuss how she hates gender and sexuality labels. After her explanation, Trisha said she wants to identify as “both” a man and a woman, aka non-binary, essentially contradicting the title of her video.

“Do I think I’m transgender? A thousand percent. Do I identify as my natural-born gender? A thousand percent,” she says in the video. As expected, viewers are criticizing the video, which they think is a publicity stunt, seeing as Trisha has previously come out as bisexual in the past. Comments on the video include: “When the rent is due and it’s been a minute since you got 1 million views,” and “Literally every single sentence contradicts the previous.”

The argument has also strayed to Twitter, with people in the LGBTQ+ community and others expressing their anger at the video.

We honestly can’t wait for Shane Dawson to get his hands on this scandal. Watch Trisha’s full video below.


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