Who The Heck Are The Dobre Brothers?

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Have you seen that viral video circulating over the hilariously awkward meet & greet? The vid showed a young fan waiting in line for a meet & greet, saying hi, posing, and leaving, while the four band members hardly moved a muscle. The clip went up on TikTok and was shared to Twitter with the caption, “IS THIS A JOKE?”, before prominent influencers like James Charles and JC Caylen responded to how “sad” it was.

The boyband in question is The Dobre Brothers, a family YouTuber group that’s released a few original songs and amassed millions of subscribers on the video platform. Lucas Dobre, one of the members, apologized for the cringe-worthy moment, blaming “48 hours of restless filming and touring then meeting thousands of fans with no sleep.”

If you’ve never heard of them before — same. But we’ve done a little research so that you can be the most informed while you’re talking to your friends about this awkward AF viral meet & greet video.

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