WHY DON’T WE’s Zach Herron Faces Backlash After Photo Surfaces Of Him Grabbing Underage Fan’s Breasts

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Why Don't We Zach Herron Scandal

Instagram / Zach Herron

It’s boyband WHY DON’T WE‘s first big scandal. The five-member group is facing criticism after Zach Herron, 18, allegedly grabbed a fan’s boobs during a meet & greet photo at her request — not only that but the young girl pictured is said to be only 11 years old. The photo has been circulating online ever since she posted it onto social media — though many have chosen to protect the girl’s identity considering she’s a minor. The picture surfaced just after WHY DON’T WE had their TODAY show morning debut on September 2nd, though the photo was taken prior.

WHY DON’T WE shot to fame with tracks like “Taking You” and “Trust Fund Baby” and they quickly formed a fan group called Limelights. Zach is joined by Jack Avery, Daniel Seavey, Corbyn Besson, all of whom are 20, and Jonah Marais, who is 21, in the boyband. All five had reached certain levels of social media fame on Vine and YouTube before deciding to form a musical group.

Some have chosen to point out their meet and greet rejections by artists to show just how inappropriate the photo circulating is. One Shawn Mendes stan claims she asked him to pose punching her in the face during a photo shoot but he said no claiming it was “illegal.”

Zach hasn’t responded to the photo yet or the backlash and neither has his bandmates or an official page for WHY DON’T WE music. Hopefully this can be a learning moment for the 18-year-old. With fame comes responsibility and he completely crossed the line during this meet and greet photo regardless of the age of the Limelight pictured.

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