Alissa Violet Claims FaZe Banks Cheated On Her While She Was Asleep in The Same House

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Alissa Violet Cheated On by FaZe Banks

Instagram / Alissa Violet

The YouTuber community is so messy. Alissa Violet came to Twitter to air out some of ex FaZe Banks‘s dirty laundry. While we are definitely here for the tea, we have to admit that this is kind of coming out of nowhere. The 23-year-old Instagram model broke up with FaZe (real name Ricky Banks) in July and it seems like the two did not split on amicable terms.

Alissa responded to a Twitter thread asking users how they found out they were being cheated on by their S/Os. “[I] was asleep upstairs with our dogs and he wasn’t next to me,” she wrote. “[I] checked our guest house and caught him naked in bed with a random girl.” She later clarified it was the guest wing of their house, not a completely separate unit.

To make matters worse, Ricky then subtweeted her with an “I love you” message.

Alissa was NOT having it and posted a screenshot of their texts — which just so happened to include confirmation that he’s saved in her phone as “scumbag.”

“Dude why … I love you? That the hell [Alissa]? This ain’t cool?” he sent in multiple messages.

She responded: “did you ‘love me’ when you were hooking up with a random wh*re in our home? did you ‘love me’ when you snap chatted that girl in vegas to come fuck you when i was at dinner with you? … did you ‘love me’ when i was in orlando for my cousins wedding and you hooked up with a girl in our bed?”

Ricky claimed he “always kept [his] promises.”

Among other things, she accused him on Twitter of abandoning their shared dogs, texting other girls while they were together, breaking eight of her phones, and having sex with “all the girls [she] was worried about while [they] were dating” once they split.

FaZe is denying any wrongdoing and would prefer to do this behind closed doors — but that makes sense if the allegations Alissa is making are true. Some of these details are big red flags of an unhealthy and possibly even emotionally abusive relationship.

Alissa Violet hasn’t exactly been lucky in love. She formerly dated Jake Paul, and although they never officially defined the relationship, she did say that he used to have sex with other women in the Team 10 house while they were together. Her highest-profile relationships do seem to have a lot in common.

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