YouTuber Reveals Unfortunate Jeffree Star Encounter At Warped Tour

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Jeffree Star Warped Tour Feat

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Most of us know Jeffree Star as one of the biggest names in the YouTube/beauty world, but before he was creating colorful palettes and dragging fellow beauty gurus, he was a pop-rock musician who used to draw huge crowds at Warped Tour. Remember Warped Tour? It was the concert that you BEGGED your parents to go to back in the early 2000s and featured performances from bands like Paramore, Never Shout Never, and Sum 41 — the dream. The tour still goes on every year, but it’s mostly frequented by this generation’s emo kids.

Jeffree was a staple at the shows and used to travel around America on the tour with his band to meet fans and sell his merch. This was back during his controversial phase when he was caught using racial and sexist slurs on multiple occasions and was still friends with tattoo artist and anti-vaxxer Kat Von D. Lots of people have stories about times they met Jeffree during Warped Tour, some good and some bad, but the latest will definitely make you scream laughing … or crying.

YouTuber and Twitch star Jawn Rocha told a story about the time he met Jeffree at Warped Tour in the early 2010s during his stream last night and his experience was … less than pleasant. Jawn, who also acts as a music photographer, was at Warped Tour with Waterparks lead singer Awsten Knight when he met Jeffree at a merch stand. In a clip of the stream, which was kindly posted to Twitter by user @glittertimeparx, Jawn recalls Jeffree pointing at Waterparks’ merch, sliding his finger over to Awsten’s face, and making gagging noises to his friend. FOR REAL. Watch the clip below.

For those of you who aren’t Waterparks fans, here’s a picture of Awsten just so you’re aware that he is, despite Jeffree’s gagging, a handsome man.

Are we surprised? Not really. But remember, this encounter was *allegedly* during Jeffree’s Warped days, and the last time he actually performed at one of the shows and didn’t just appear with his cosmetics brand was in 2012. 2012 Jeffree is definitely one we didn’t want to play with.

Jeffree Star Warped Tour

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