20 Quirky Facts About 15-Year-Old Sensation JoJo Siwa

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She Owns Over 1,000 Bows

On JoJo’s side channel, JoJo Siwa Unlocked, she gave her fans a look into her truly insane collection of hair bows on January 10, 2018. Since then, she’s definitely expanded her collection, which already included over one thousand bows. They’re surprisingly well-organized by color, but how she ever managed to count how many bows were in her collection is a mystery. As any self-respecting stan would know, JoJo’s signature is her hair bow, and she began selling them at Claire’s in one of her many (many) merch lines. In an interview with Human Dumpster Fire Jake Paul, JoJo revealed that she’s sold over forty million bows.

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