20 Quirky Facts About 15-Year-Old Sensation JoJo Siwa

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She Loves Lady Gaga

JoJo tweeted a picture of herself on January 27, 2019 after seeing Lady Gaga‘s Las Vegas “Enigma” residency, in an outfit that was a clear homage to the A Star Is Born icon. JoJo and Lady Gaga are pretty similar. Both are blondes who just want to spread positivity, are beloved by gay men, and dress however they want, even if that means wearing enough rhinestones at once to blind an entire country. JoJo’s love for Gaga is pretty well-documented, with JoJo dancing a solo to a Gaga song during season six of Dance Moms and an April 2018 tweet about how she had “Born This Way” stuck in her head.

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