20 Quirky Facts About 15-Year-Old Sensation JoJo Siwa

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She Has A ‘Receding Hairline’ And Loves It

People are really vitriolic to kids on the internet. If you take a look at JoJo’s video about her height that was linked to earlier in this list, you’ll find that most of the top comments are people dragging her for her “receding hairline.” JoJo should win an award for how gracefully she’s dealt with online hate, always keeping her sunny disposition and never reacting to hate with hate. Addressing the comments on The Today Show, JoJo said, “When I look in the mirror, I know that my hairline makes me who I am, it makes me special.”

“We all have something about us that we don’t like,” JoJo added. “I think we should all end up loving what we don’t like.”

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