The Most Lavish and Expensive Celebrity Mansions

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Calabasas isn’t cool because it’s full of art, culture, or things to do. Calabasas has none of those things — there’s an Edwards Cinema, a Sunlife Organics, and an Islands near the entrance to the 101. Oh, there’s also an old adobe in case you want to experiment with making your own maize tortillas by hand. Calabasas has (somehow) become cool because it houses dozens of celebrity homes in Hidden Hills and The Oaks. Behind huge beige gates and past the slight smell of horse manure lies the biggest homes in any city, complete with pools, movie theatres, and Drake.

This is how we learned that celebrities are, in fact, not just like us. They may go grocery shopping without makeup or a bra, but they unload their Trader Joe’s into stainless steel refrigerators with windows looking out onto mass expanses of land, high above the valley below. In an economy where even modest homes in big cities will cost an upwards of $1.5 million, it’s hard to imagine how expensive these truly breathtaking houses are outside of the confines of Architecture Digest and Snapchat. If you’ve ever wanted a look inside of the most expensive celebrity mansions, read on for some major #LifeGoals.

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