Lochlyn Munro Talks Black Hood Reveal, Riverdale Season 4, & Working With Lili Reinhart

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The season three finale of Riverdale left many questions unanswered — one of the biggest is whether or not the Black Hood, aka Hal Cooper, is alive or dead. The ending of the intense final episode saw Penelope Blossom appear to shoot Hal right in the head. We never see a body, however, and everyone knows that in today’s day and age, a death is never confirmed until we see the body. So was that the last we’re to see of Hal Cooper, and has the Black Hood storyline that we’ve been following since season one finally come to an end? Well, the best person to ask is Hal Cooper himself, aka actor Lochlyn Munro. We chatted to the Riverdale and Charmed alumni ahead of the Riverdale convention in New Jersey this weekend to find out exactly what he thinks is in store for his infamous character. He even revealed some pretty jaw-dropping behind-the-scenes Riverdale secrets about who the Black Hood was *really* supposed to be before Riverdale writers flipped the switch on him!

“To tell you the truth, I don’t even know if I’m dead or not,” the 53-year-old tells us. “[The producers are] very secretive about all that stuff. Yeah, you saw Penelope shoot me, but you saw a shot, you didn’t see her shoot me. You just heard it and didn’t see a body. In the rule of film and television, if you don’t see a dead body, are they really dead?”

Despite being unsure of whether or not he’s still alive in the next season of Riverdale, Lochlyn does have a theory that would allow Hal to redeem himself and have a future in the show. “I always kind of envisioned that the last part of season two and three was never even Hal and that was his twin — his twin did something with Hal and then Hal resurfaces somehow. You know, maybe he was blackmailed by his twin that he would kill his family if he didn’t vanish or something?”

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It’s revealed on season two of Riverdale that Hal Cooper, Betty Cooper’s dad, is actually the Black Hood — the villain who has been terrorizing Betty and her friends for months and murdering members of the town. Many fans had theories that Hal was the killer for a long time, but Lochlyn himself revealed he never knew his character would turn out to be the villain, and that writers had a different character in mind to take on the role entirely at first.

“I found out I was the Black Hood when the audience found out, after I did the Cooper home movie in episode 21,” Lochlyn reveals. He also wasn’t thrilled about the new direction his character was taking. “Honestly, it wasn’t my thing. I was like, ‘ah, I don’t want to be this guy.'”

“I think the character’s more interesting, it has a lot more dimension and I knew that would be a challenge, but I just knew that my screen time would be diminished and that I wouldn’t be around all the rest of the cast very much.”

This means that if Lochlyn had no idea he was the Black Hood until season two, then that wasn’t him in the hood in all episodes prior to episode 21. So who was it?

“The only time I ever wore that black hood was in the very last episode of season three when I came out of the forest and I took it off and then Betty and I had a stand. I pretty much think I know who it was supposed to be — he’s the only one the show with green eyes and he was the same build as the guy who played the Black Hood. It was sheriff Tom Keller. I think he was supposed to be the Black Hood and then I have a feeling that they decided they were starting to like Kevin [Tom’s son] and Tom’s relationship and that if Tom was the killer and they sent him away and or killed him, Kevin wouldn’t have a past.”

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Because his scenes were limited, Lochlyn spent most of his time working alongside Lili Reinhart, who plays his daughter Betty, and Mädchen Amick, who plays his wife Alice Cooper. We asked the actor how he liked working with these powerful women. That’s a heck of a lot of fierce feminist energy!

“I work with Lili and Mädchen pretty much all the time, which is fantastic. They’re wonderful people and great actors. I really love [KJ Apa] and [Cole Sprouse], they’ve got great senses of humor. They’re just fun kids to be around.”

Much of the Riverdale cast are young actors who have now been catapulted into the spotlight thanks to the CW show. Lochlyn, who has starred in movies such as White Chicks and Scary Movie, has been in the acting business quite some time now. When we asked if he had any advice for his younger co-stars, his main point was to just stay humble.

“Everything is about just staying humble because everything can be taken away at a matter of minutes. All you can do is concentrate on your work, do good work, try to treat people with respect, stay grounded, and hopefully, the success will be being able to do it until you’re 70. Honestly, they’re really, really good kids and they’re all really talented and I’m sure they’re going to have amazing careers. That’s a hard thing to navigate and they’ve handled it really well.”

Although it’s not confirmed whether or not we’ll see Lochlyn’s character next season, he’s not finished with acting and we can expect to see him in more projects in the coming year. “I’ve done a couple of really cool little horror movies that will be out next year. I’d like to do a couple more comedies. I haven’t done a whole bunch of comedy since White Chicks and Little Man. Maybe I can con the Wayan brothers into doing White Chicks two or something.”

Lochlyn will join other Riverdale stars Camila Mendes, KJ, and Casey Cott at the New Jersey Riverdale convention this month on June 29 and 30.

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